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“We have the best tutors to enable your child to learn at their own pace”

“We have helped with the education of students in the UK and abroad to achieve their desired goals”

“Our tutors are very experienced and will instill confidence and knowledge in your child”


Lite Regal Education and Lite Regal International College is passionate about education and offers 1:2:1 (online and face-2-face) tuition to students from reception years to 6th form. Every child is different and our teachers are qualified and will work with the student at their own pace to achieve their desired goal.

We are not just a college offering teaching to our students but also help external students from the UK and abroad with their general tuition. We offer online and 1:2:1 tuitions in General Academic Help for students from primary School to secondary school years all years to 6th form. IGCSE’s, A Levels, 11+, 13+, English Language for Foreign Students, Help with Entry to UK Boarding Schools and University Admissions.

Special Education Needs Tutoring 

Should you require a tutor for your child who a needs a special educational needs tutor please contact us . We are able to provide specialist tutors for ADHD, Anxiety , Autism, Dyslexia. If for some reason your child’s current schooling is not working for them then we can provide SEN experinced tutors for home schooling and general tuition in all subjects.

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The Cost Of Private Tuition

1:2:1 – One to One Face to Face Tuition

We charge £55 per hour for either 1:2:1 (face to face) or online tuition. For block booking over 10 lessons a 10% discount will be given. Lessons can be conducted in either at the Students home or our London Mayfair Address ( Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square, Mayfair , London W1J6BD)

1 hour: £55 ph

10+ hours: £49.50 ph (10% discount for block booking over 10 hours)

1:2:1 – One to One Online Tuition

We charge £45 per hour for online tuition. Online tuition suits suits students who are abroad or in the UK and are unable to attend face to face 1:2:1 tuition. Given the current COVID-19 situation this form of private help is extremely popular and we are facing a huge demand for our tutors. We use the latest technology and e-learning platforms such as Zoom and Moodle to enable students to learn as effectively as they where face to face with the teacher. For block booking over 10 lessons a 10% discount will be given.

1 hour: £45 ph

10+ hours:  £39.50 ph (10% discount for block booking over 10 hours)

Whatever The Reason Choose Us Over The Rest

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Please allow at least 2 working days for us to allocate suitable tutor for your child

Why Do Parents Want Private Tuition

There are many reasons parents and students ask us for extra tuition. Students learn at differing levels and pace and LRE and LRIS adopts a policy of “one shoe cannot fit all”.  That is with when students are put into large classes with differing levels and abilities some students will undoubtaly “sink”. Often students do not simply understand the teaching style or “get on” with the teacher and lose interest in the subject they once loved. Why parents book us :

Individual Tuition to catch up on classes missed.

Keep the students learning busy during holidays

Keep students abreast of lessons before they face them

Exam Preparation – 11+, 13+, IB, IGCSE. A Levels, University Admission (UCAS and English)

Students fall behind due to illness and other absences and have to catch up on their lessons

Students may not “understand” the teaching style of their teacher and lose interest in the subject

Our Private Tuition Services

Levels Covered

We have the expertise to offer students the advise and specialist tutors to help with their desired goals through 1:2:1 or personal tuition.

  • General Tuition to improve on a subject (All Levels)
  • 11+
  • 13+

  • KS3



Subjects Covered

We cover majority of IGCSE / GCSE, A Level subjects and exam boards.

Our Private Tutors

We provide UK’s leading tutors, experts in their subject field, majority Oxbridge educated.

  • All tutors are fully vetted and a hold fully enhanced DBS’s
  • Tutors are experienced to deliver the the contact in a desirable friendly way
  • Our Tutors are all “handpicked” and matched to the particular need of the students
  • Tutors will go at the speed of the student
  • All our tutors are qualified with experience to deliver subject knowledge
  • We provide SEN Tutors for students with learning difficulties

Why Choose Our Private Tuition Services

To fill in gaps – often the student has fallen ill and needs to catch up on lost knowledge or their current school teacher has left and an inadequate supply teacher found

The student does not like the teaching style of their current teacher in school

Intensive Exam Preparation – to help ensure the thorough preparation for a number of exams such as 11+, 13+, iGCSE, AS and A2 subjects, IB

Temporary / stop gap solution – many parents come to the UK for short period and are looking for home schooling so their children do not fall behind in their schooling

Religious or cultural reasons that the child is unable to learn in a traditional school

How Does The Private Tuition Work

If you choose to have online tuition we use the latest online technology to ensure that you get the best benefits online one-2-one tutoring as well as an easy access to online learning materials.

We use the latest e-learning platform and recommended material to ensure the student learns effectively.

We use Zoom or Skype for video conferencing and BitPaper and cloud computing with Google Docs for written communication with students. For students in Asia we use Line and WeChat which are popular platforms.

For those who request it we conduct a short consultation to get to know the student and their needs to be able to match them with the right tutor.

We also check in to make sure that everything is going well and are always on hand to assist should this be needed.

Face to face one to one private tuition can be conducted either at the students own home or at our Schools Premises in Mayfair. We prefer students to have face to face tuition in our School Premises where we have all the teaching material at hand.


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