“We have the best tutors to enable your child to learn taught”

“We have helped with the education of students in the UK and abroad to achieve their desired goals”

“Our tutors are the best and will instill confidence and knowledge in your child”

Lite Regal Education LRE – is passionate about education and about helping students achieve their desired goals whether it be to change schools or get the desired grades to attend the school or University of their choice.

We have been in the education business since 1993 and are here to find the right tutor or group of tutors for your child.

Our Private Tuition Services


We have the expertise to offer students the advise and specialist tutors to help with their desired goals through 1:2:1 or personal tuition.


We will provide a balanced plan  and timetable of schooling and activities for your child to achieve their given goals and exam success.

Why Choose Private Tuition Or Home Schooling

To fill in gaps – often the student has fallen ill and needs to catch up on lost knowledge or their current school teacher has left and an inadequate supply teacher found

The student does not like the teaching style of their current teacher in school

Intensive Exam Preparation – to help ensure the thorough preparation for a number of exams such as 11+, 13+, iGCSE, AS and A2 subjects, IB

Temporary / stop gap solution – many parents come to the UK for short period and are looking for home schooling so their children do not fall behind in their schooling

Religious or cultural reasons that the child is unable to learn in a traditional school


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