A Levels
Easter Revision

A Levels Easter Revision Cambridge Quick Facts

  • Location: Cambridge Union Society, central Cambridge location
  • Times: Morning stream: 9am – 12.30pm, Afternoon stream: 1.30pm – 5pm
  • Subjects: All major subjects available in small group tuition (max 7), Available in Legacy and Reformed Options,
  • Boards: All boards covered, AQA, OCR, Edexcel, WJEC, CIE. Avaibale in Reformed and Legacy Options
  • Tutors: Highly qualified tutors, specialists in their field, educated at top Universities
  • Residential Option: Optional accommodation in single rooms in University campus with 24 hours supervision and full board available

Dates, Fees & Availability, Easter 2021

Session 1: Mon 29th March - Fri 2nd April

Session 2: Mon 5th April - Fri 9th April

Session 3: Mon 12th April - Fri 16th April

Fees 2021

Half-day tuition (17.5 hours): £525 / week Full-day tuition (35 hours): £1050 / week | Accommodation: £595 / week

A Levels Cambridge Easter Revision Course Overview

A Level Easter Revision Cambridge

Easter is a crucial time in which AS and A2 level Students who want to do well in their forthcoming mocks or real A Levels in the Summer should be  engage in a structures revision Easter Revision Course. Student should study at home of course but many parents and students choose to come to us because of the distractions in learning at home and would benefit immensely from spending a week or 2 weeks in a n Intensive learning environment, We will improve the A Level predication and grades of students that attend our Intensive A level Easter Revision Course, Students will benefit by:

1/ No home distractions but by structures learning with specialised and the best A Level teachers who are there for you.

2/ Being and learning with other Students “in the same boat” helps

3/ Solidify and cement gaps in their knowledge

Since 1993, LITE Regal has been preparing students for their future in UK higher education. Our comprehensive understanding and expertise of AS and A2 levels and the revision for these examinations allow our students to fully prepare for and gain confidence with the exams alongside like-minded individuals during the Easter period. During the Easter Revision Week in Cambridge you will work hard but we will allow you  and push you to gain your best grade in the real exams.

The A Level Easter revision courses at LITE Regal provides our students with the opportunity to fine-tune revision skills, work through problem areas, solidify their knowledge of the subject areas and the A level examination itself while attending our classes at top UK universities in both London and Cambridge.

Our A level Easter revision courses in Cambridge are structured to target appropriate study areas and encompass the extensive practice of past papers. Our top UK university and Oxbridge educated tutors guide our students through proven exam techniques and assist in overcoming problem areas to provide a peace of mind and enable individual students to build the confidence needed to achieve maximum grades during the summer examinations and realise their potential.

Why Choose Our Easter Revision Courses In Cambridge


You will be taught by highly qualified, academic subject tutors, who’s depth of knowledge is exceptional.


Small tutorial groups (max 7 students) where individual problematic areas are quickly highlighted and solved.


We include mock exams and intensive proven exam techniques practice, two timed tests and final mock exam.


We will run assessments at the start of the course in order to identify areas where improvement is needed.


You will work through structured revision plans and receive individual assessment and support on every day.


High quality, full-board accommodation in single rooms with 24 hours supervision on University campus.

Cambridge Easter Revision Subjects Offered



Business Studies



English Literature


Further Mathematics



Government & Politics







All subjects are also available through individual one-to-one tuition. Please contact us for personalised quote. For subjects not listed please contact our admissions team at info@litecollege.co.uk.


LITE Regal covers all boards, AQA, OCR, Edexcel, WJEC, CIE and groups are organised according to shared needs within syllabuses.

Download AS & A2 Level Syllabus Outline

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Our Cambridge Easter Revision Centers



LITE Regal Cambridge, 9A bridge Street, Cambridge CB2 1UB

+44(0)203 590 0154

Cambridge Easter Revision Dates & Schedule

As the dates set by individual schools for Easter holidays vary, LITE Regal can arrange individual tuition to suit your availability over the Easter period. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

DATES 2021

Week 1: Monday 29th March – Friday 2nd April
Week 2: Monday 5th April – Friday 9th April
Week 3: Monday 12th April – Friday 16th April


(9:00-12:30 or 1:30-5:00) for half-day tuition – 17.5 hours
(9:00-12:30 and 1:30-5:00) for full-day tuition – 35 hours




Half-day tuition (17.5 hours): £525 per week
Full-day tuition (35 hours): £1050 per week



Full board accommodation is available for the entire course of study. The students are placed in single rooms with 24 hour supervision in a college residence. Students booking accommodation will be scheduled to arrive on the Sunday preceding their first day of study.
Accommodation Fee: £595 per week

How To Apply

To make a booking for the A Level Easter Course you can either apply online or via our paper application form. If for any reason we cannot offer you a place any fees paid will be refunded.

Applying online is the fastest and easiest way to secure a place on our courses. Please click the APPLY ONLINE link to get started with your application. If you would like to you can download our paper application form. payment via paper application can be made by credit / debit card, cheque or bank transfer. please see the application form for further details.

Upon receipt of your booking we will send you acknowledgement email confirming your place on the course.

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We now accept applications for our London and Cambridge centers.

Please read carefully our Terms & Conditions before submitting your application to us.


If you are looking for extra private tuition outside the classroom times, please check our PRIVATE TUITION page for further details.