Global Leadership Summer Course School for High School Student (year 10, 11 12 and 13) in London UK and Cambridge

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Global Leadership Summer Course School for High School Student (year 10, 11 12 and 13) in London UK and Cambridge

updated 7/10/2019

Are you a High School Student or International IB Student in year 10,11 or 12 and aged 15-18 and want to learn Global Leadership skills.

The course is held every year in one of the Colleges of Cambridge or London University UCL (University College London) and allow students the opportunity to experience University Lite – be accommodated , and learn within these these top 10 University Colleges. Teenagers aged 15-18 importantly learn and have fun and meet other students from around the World.

Global LeaderShip Summer Course Cambridge and London
Dr Aline Khoury presenting Global Leadership Certificate Summer Course in Cambridge and London

Attend one of the Best Leadership Courses this Summer in June, July  or August 2020  and learn the skills how to motivate yourself, and learn Leadership Skills

The course information is here : Please Click on the url :

Global Leadership Summer School in London University or Cambridge University

Global Leadership Course – Lite Regal Education

The global leadership is an excellent choice and has all the content int the Syllabus to teach leadership. It will run through contents of Politics, Economics and Philosophy and is ideal for those wanting to have an oversight into these and perhaps be Diplomats or Enter the UN or similar government organisation

What will Teenagers learn in the Summer Leadership Course

Particular attention will be paid to the role of the leader and how to become a leader. The thrust of this course is developing an understanding of the changing global environment, how those changes influence operational and strategic issues within global organisations and how you as a global leader can develop the appropriate communication leadership skills to help organisations meet these new challenges.
Have Fun and Learn and be accommodated in one of the top 10 Universities in the World this Summer – Punting on the River Cam Cambridge
  • Ethical Leadership and how to become a Global Leadership
  • Help with Public Speaking and speech and debates and convincing and engaging the audience
  • Global Organisational Issues and the Role of Communication
  • Importance of Supply Chain Management
  •  Corporate Approaches to Developing Global Executives
  • Doing business in Developing Countries and Developed Countries
  • You as a Global Leader
The course information is here : Please Click on the url :
The course lasts 2 weeks and can be extended to 4 weeks and credits can be earned during the course on successful completion. 
Teenagers and you will discuss top Global Leaders in Business and the Political arena and discuss and learn what makes them great and how to emulate these great leadership qualities.
The course will include body coaching s well as public Speaking and howto address other people and convince them and  believe in your future plans. The summer School Course is in a Cambridge University or London University College will be taught by Top University Teachers and students will learn by doing and seeing real life Leaders. There will be talks and cats from young entrepreneurs that will inspire the global leaders  of tomorrow.
Another Course that will compliment the Global Leadership Course is the Business Enterprise Course and can found here :