Best Business Program and Course for High School Students 2018/2019 in the World

Best Business Summer Course for High School Students 

Spending your Summer in a Leading and Best Business School and Course can have many benefits. :

Learn to hone and improve your Existing Business Skills as well as learn of others what makes a business thrive and flourish

  • Make new international friends as well as get a flavor of business in an International Setting
  • Increase you Business acumen as well as improve your communication and Management and leadership Skills

If you are a Business or Management Student and you would like to spend your Summer learning  new business skills as well as getting to know other students from around the world then this article picks the Best Business School in Europe and Asia to improve your Business and Leadership Skills. Listed below are the some of the best business summer courses and school for you to look at.

Best business course summer



Organizer: Lite Regal Education

Location: Cambridge or London

Dates 2019

Credits: Yes

Duration: 2 weeks – 4 weeks

Age category: 18-24 years old

Whats special about the course : Built in Internship Program

Details: Lite Regal Education and Summer School host 2 leading business Programs for Entrepreneurs and the future business leaders. The Course hosts over 40 hours of innovative Business Teaching and Entrepreneurship Skills. Morning are lectures and classroom based and the afternoon innovative workshops that bring the classroom teaching into life and applying those skills to improve and think out of the Box. Brainstorming and Ethical Business and out of class visits to Industrial Company is what makes this program stand out. Optional Visits to the Land Rover Factory as well as Google Campus and the sheer reputation of this Business School. This course is designed for University Students who are already doing their Bachelors in Business or Gap year Students aged 18-22 who would like to improve their Business Skills. Students will learn about human resources, management skills, marketing, global business, international finance, Tech Start ups and Brainstorming ideas on New Businesses.


Insead Business School

Insead Summer School

Organizer: Insead

Location: Fountianebleu France

Duration: 29th July to 11th August 2019

Age Range : 15-17

Moto : “Training the Next Generation of Business Leaders”

Details: A unique opportunity for talented high-school students to widen and enhance their academic pursuits, as well as to meet other students from around the world with similar aspirations and abilities. A transformative experience for students not just an incremental gain in factual business knowledge and skills.


Harvard Business School

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Harvard Summer Business School 

Organizer: Harvard Business School

Location: Boston, MA, USA

Details:  Summer 2018

Registration: Registration opens Monday, February 26 2019

A seven-week program, June 22–August 10, 2019

Age: 15-18

Duration: 2 weeks

Details : Leading Business School with unparalleled reputation in the USA. Aimed at high school student age 15 to 18? peers.Th summer programs is for high school students are designed to prepare you for that all-important next step—both academically and socially—paving the way for a successful college experience. Here, you will expand your worldview, meet new people from all over the globe, test-drive potential majors, gain valuable knowledge and skills, and explore Boston—one of America’s most vibrant and historic cities—amid a community of supportive peers and advisors.


Lite Regal International Programme Corpus Christie Cambridge
Lite Regal International Programme Corpus Christie Cambridge

Business Enterprise Summer Course for 15-18 year olds

Organizer: Lite Regal Education Business School

Location: Cambridge and London University  – Leading Universities in the World

Dates: June 30st to 25th August 2019

Duration : 2 weeks

Details: LITE Regal Business Enterprise school has one of the most innovative and immersive leadership and business programs for 15-18 years old in the marketplace today. Our business school model prepares students to be successful in a business environment and provides them with role models and resources to be successful. Students will learn though Top Teacher and an paralleled reputation in this Leading Business Summer School and Course

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